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M200 Series

The Timbery M200 Series portable sawmills are equipped to meet the needs of the small scale sawyer, whether it is for purely hobby use or as part of a small woodworking shop. This series offers both stationary and fully portable sawmills, so you can take the mill right to the job site if needed. These mills are also equipped with features like adjustable blade arm with ceramic guides, auto lube water shut off, and wide engine selection. The M200 Series is not a bolt together sawmill kit. The M200 Series portable sawmills feature a patent pending, rigid frame saw head that is guided by rollers. This allows for a four post, fully welded carriage; welded sawhead and bed; and supported with sealed ball bearings running on two tracks, which provides for a stable sawing system. Whether you choose the welded modular bed or the welded one piece bed/trailer package you will get the same performance. Both beds feature our patent pending double height narrow bunk system that reduces sawdust build up and allows for many inexpensive accessories to be mounted directly in the bunks. Neither bed requires time consuming construction before you can get down to the business of sawing. The Timbery M200 Series portable sawmills are a great economical solution for any sawyer.